Inside a wave at sunset

Pacific Surf Partners are serial entrepreneurs that believe in harnessing the power of market trends. Like the great surfs of the Pacific Ocean, the next market wave can either pass by, crash or propel one to great heights. The difference is often as simple as timing. At Pacific Surf we are always ready for the next big wave.

two divers near coralOur mission is to create an efficient path for great ideas to become the world’s best products in the hands of billions of customers around the world. We start with the “trend.” Whether we’re talking about change in the world’s energy system, shifts in regional demographics, the undeniable rise in mobile electronics & communications or the beginning of the next era in the personal health management industry – they’re market trends that are gaining momentum and their potential cannot be denied. Each has the capacity to alter the landscape of its respective market, thus creating both a threat, and an opportunity, to those standing in its way. The difference between riding the crest of the opportunity and sitting in the trough comes down to being in the right place in the right time with some momentum. This is where Pacific Surf Partners comes in.

Clam and pearl on sandWe look for technologies, product designs and other ideas that may help our corporate and private equity partners to capitalize on the major directional shifts in their respective markets and industries. Our greatest value is the ability to identify and then develop these breakthrough concepts into products that can leverage the full power of our partners manufacturing, sales and marketing capabilities. In doing so we do not leave things to “chance”. We pay a great deal of attention to bringing together the right team for every one of our projects. Our goal is to bring together inventor’s genius with tenacity of entrepreneurs and meticulous focus of product managers.

Pearl NecklaceWe also believe in the importance of focus in building a young business. While our service group looks after the administrative, reporting and legal needs of the projects, we, together with our co-investors, provide the financial support and corporate finance expertise required for growth and development. Together we make sure that we are in the right place at the right time when the next wave comes.